From Andalusian region in Southern Spain. Originally made with blend of stale bread, raw fresh vegetables & vinegar base. Served in the summer months to beat heat & dehydration. In modern times, the trend is to call all cold soups Gazpachos.
My versions of Gazpachos are absolutely bread free and thickened with the freshest organic fruits and vegetables. – Aryan Alexandra Abbassi

**NOTE: The following Gazpachos are RAW have a shorter shelf life and must be consumed within 3 days for optimum freshness and best flavor.

heirloom tomato gazpacho- arianascuisineofmarin.comHEIRLOOM TOMATOES (CLASSIC)

A blend of raw heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, peppers and other refreshing summer vegetables, this gorgeous chilled soup makes an elegant appetizer or main course on a hot day. The vinegar will quench your thirst and rehydrate your body.

Sweet-Corn-Gazpacho-680-4- arianascuisineofmarin.comROASTED SUMMER CORN WITH ROASTED CORN KERNEL

Sweet roasted yellow and white corn, fresh off the cob, is the star of this soup. The roasted kernels add additional natural sweetness to this creamy-textured vegan soup. Amazing with fresh chopped cilantro or cilantro oil.

Persian Melon Gazpacho- arianascuisineofmarin.comPERSIAN MELON WITH CUCUMBER, MINT, GINGER & PUMPKIN SEEDS

This one became a customer favorite immediately, though a sharp variation of the Classic.
Sweet & delicious Persian Melon with fragrant fresh mint and ginger highlight the flavors. The Pumpkin seeds add amazing nutrition and render this vegan gazpacho very creamy and velvety in texture.

beet & Pomegranate Gazpacho- arianascuisineofmarin.comBEET, POMEGRANATE & COCONUT

Mouth-watering sweet and tangy pomegranate juice adds another dimension to earthly red beets. The coconut milk makes this deeply fuchsia colored soup a tropical fantasy in a bowl.

Beet_Carrot_Ginger Gazpacho- arianascuisineofmarin.comRED BEET, CARROTS, ORANGE & GINGER

Sweet carrots and red beets take on the aromas of citrus and ginger, making this another most refreshing and deeply nourishing cold soup.


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