COLD SOUP – Serve chilled as soup shots with your choice of garnish.

HOT SOUP – Serve hot in soup bowls/cups and garnish with:
Fresh cilantro or cilantro oil, toasted pumpkin seeds, drizzle of coconut cream,

SAUCE FOR STIR FRY – Enjoy a Thai-inspired Asian stir fry, served over rice or Asian noodles. Garnish with choice of: chopped cilantro, fresh basil, any sprout, chopped peanuts.

POACHING: For a gorgeous tropical treat. Bring soup to a simmer in a saucepan, add halibut or large prawns & poach till desired doneness. Make sure to not overcook or halibut and prawns or they become rubbery & tough.

DIRECTIONS: In a smoking hot sauté pan or wok, sauté thinly cuts of your favorite protein (chicken breast, pork loin, prawns), add favorite veggies and greens and cook till tender, but still al dente. Add desired amount of Carrot Coconut Sauce and heat through. Serve over bowl of Jasmine or brown rice. Top with garnish.